Amicus Sports can guide you through the process of deciding what services or products are needed, acquiring them and ensuring that they meet requirements
We are able to support public sector bodies in the use of their resources to obtain the best possible service delivery, and thus to optimise outcomes.


We can offer an integrated approach to strategic planning, procurement and performance management in three main phases:
1. understanding, segmenting, and anticipating the needs of local communities; and planning and prioritising accordingly

2. defining services to meet these needs and contracting them from the most appropriate providers (including in-house)

3. monitoring provision and managing contracts, to improve outcomes and continuously improve services


This can be done at any level, from neighbourhood and local level through to sub-regional and regional level and we welcome the opportunity to tender for any such projects.


Health Care
Commissioning projects have included health care initiatives, where Amicus Sports is able to produce community focused consultancy detailing the needs of a specific target group through quantitative and qualitative analysis. We are then able to identify quality assured local delivery partners with the capacity to implement high quality intervention and carry out the necessary robust monitoring and evaluation.


Extended Schools

With the Extended Schools Agenda, it is essential that schools make links through to their local authority and local partners in order to make this broad programme a reality. Amicus Sports is able to facilitate that link, saving you valuable time and resources in an already hectic work schedule.


Governing Bodies

With Sport England's recent change in focus, it will be increasingly necessary for Sports Governing Bodies to deliver a much wider service and engage in new working practices with a variety of partners. With Amicus Sports' knowledge and experience of working in the Third Sector, we are ideally placed to support Governing Bodies in developing community engagment programmes, training and education and project planning.